Brosencephalon Flashcard Version Log

Pre-Clinical Collection

Version 2.0

Coming soon.

Version 1.5

Current version - available here.
Originally released on 21/12/2016 with content updated to errata 4.
Includes a restructured tagging system of subjects and topics utilizing Hierarchical Tags.
Includes updated note ID's to improve future updates and merging.
Involves a new dark-style for the flashcards in efforts to mitigate eye strain.

Version 1.4

Last updated on 11/08/2015 to errata 4.

Version 1.3

Last updated on 22/05/2015 to errata 3.

Version 1.2

Last updated on 16/01/2015 to errata 2.

Version 1.1

First iteration of community-driven updates and vetting.
Last updated on 14/11/2014 to errata 1.

Version 1.0

Originally posted on 21/07/2014.