The Pre-Clinical Flashcard Collection

Since the original version of this collection was posted in summer of 2014, the Reddit /r/medicalschool community has collectively curated and vetted the flashcards by fixing errata, updating and/or removing poorer quality cards, filling gaps in the catalog, and fortifying the collection's structure.

Here you will find the most recent version (v1.5) put together by the community.
See the Flashcard Version Log for more info on the timeline of versions. 

Be sure to check out the Brosencephalon FAQ for any questions you might have. 

A special thank you to Reddit user EnlightenedChampagne for formerly spearheading this process.



Clinical Flashcard Collections

Internal Medicine

As a follow-up to my original flashcard collection and with my growing knowledge on spaced repetition, active recall, and test-enhanced learning, I created a comprehensive Internal Medicine collection. These cards follow many of the principles I based my pre-clinical collection on, but also heavily incorporate vignette-style and short-answer questions.
Last updated 29/05/2017.



How To

These flashcards were made with Anki, a flashcard application built around a spaced repetition algorithm. Anki is free for your desktop and Android device, $25 for your iOS device, and your account can be accessed and synced across devices and through a web-browser.

Once downloaded, simply double click the .apkg file or import it manually through Anki to get started! More information on Anki can be found in its user guide and a details on how to get started with the Brosencephalon collection can be found here or in the FAQ.




Updates to the original Brosencephalon collection and other resources have been put together by the community in support of this project. Check them out: